Frequently Asked Questions

Checked in baggage includes all items that are weighted and carried in the aircrafts hold and therefore not accessible to passengers during flight. Every passenger is allowed ONE PIECE weighing a maximum of 20 kg. It must consist of suitcases or containers that are sufficiently rigid and resistant to the stress caused by normal handling so as to ensure safe transport without special requirements.

There is no checked in baggage allowance for infants, only hand baggage will be accepted. For information on our free baggage allowance please check the Max Air Checked Baggage Policy document.
In addition to the checked luggage, every passenger is allowed hand baggage of ONE PIECE weighing a maximum of 10 kg ONLY on international flights and 8kg on domestic flights (maximum dimensions allowed are 56cms x 45cms x 25cms). If you are carrying an infant, you will be allowed to check-in one stroller and carry on a child-care bag, containing items necessary for taking care of the infant for the duration of the flight.

On ALL International flights departing Nigeria there is a 100% ban on all liquids and gels in hand baggage.
You will be required to pay an extra charge for carriage of baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance (as stipulated in our conditions and limitations). These rates are published in our Checked Baggage Policy document. Excess baggage charges are collected in the local currency at the point of departure. Carriage of excess baggage is subject to available space on your flight. The total number of bags allowed for any passenger is up to 10 pieces per passenger.
Passengers are not permitted to carry the following items in checked baggage:

  1. Briefcases with alarm devices installed
  2. Gases (inflammable, non inflammable and poisonous) such as camping gases
  3. Inflammable liquids, such as lighter-fuels, varnishes and thinners
  4. Lighters with non absorbable gases (except liquid-gas) and their relative refills
  5. Explosives, ammunition, fireworks and rockets
  6. Inflammable solids such as ‘strike anywhere’ matches and highly inflammable items
  7. Substances which emit inflammable gases on contact with water
  8. Mercury thermometers or similar (except a small one for personal use)
  9. Oxidizing materials (such as bleaching powder and peroxide), infectious and poisonous materials
  10. Radioactive materials
  11. Corrosive materials (such as mercury, acids and alkali)
  12. Magnetized and other dangerous materials.
Whilst we will make every attempt to ensure your luggage is handled with care, you should be aware that a limit is imposed on Max Air’s liability for loss, delay or damage to baggage unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges paid.

The airline does not accept liability for fragile, valuable, perishable articles or baggage which is packed in damaged or unsuitable containers. We strongly recommend all passengers obtain adequate travel insurance cover prior to commencing their journey. Should you find that your baggage is damaged or has not arrived, please contact the Max Air staff (or our handling agents) immediately. Details of your baggage will be taken and you will be offered immediate assistance. If your baggage has been delayed, arrangements will be made to have it delivered to your local address, provided it is within the airport city, when it arrives.
Notice of missing baggage, damage, or pilferage of checked baggage must be given to Max Air at the airport within 4 hours of the arrival of your flight. To help us process your claim quickly, please complete and enclose the following documentation:
  1. Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  2. A copy of your travel ticket and baggage tag Checked-in luggage receipt if any
  3. A detailed list of the missing luggage items Receipts of the contents of the baggage
  4. A copy of the MCO of declaration of value, if made, and in the case where excess baggage was paid.

When making your report for delay or damage, and provide your flight confirmation number and copies of any relevant receipts, please be advised that replacement receipts cannot be accepted for damage baggage claims. We strongly recommend that passengers retain all original receipts applicable to their baggage claim. Any damaged items must be retained by the passenger until the claim has been finalised by the airline or insurance company.

Under Max Air’s General Conditions of Carriage we accept no liability for the loss of money, jewellery, precious metals, tobacco products, keys, cameras, computers, medicines, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, watches, mobile phones, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples either on your person or in your cabin baggage.

Upon receipt of you claim, claims for damaged baggage will be processed within 14 working days. Claims for lost baggage will be processed within 21 days from date of travel (to allow for a full trace to be completed on the lost baggage). We will respond, as outlined in our Customer Care Service, to the address that was provided at the point of reservation. Max Air does not accept any responsibility for personal belongings misplaced or lost on board the aircraft or in the airport terminal. Any items found on board are forwarded directly to the lost property offices at the destination airport.
If you are travelling with an infant (aged 8 days to 24 months), you can include them on your seat booking by making an infant reservation. Infants aged 0 to 7 days old are not accepted for travel on Max Air flights. For safety and insurance requirements, infants must be accompanied by a passenger aged 15 years or above and booked in the ratio of one infant per adult. Extra seats can be purchased for infants, but only approved car seats are allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

Infants under the age of 2 years on the date of travel may fly for an administration fee per one way flight provided they sit on an adult's lap (one infant per adult). If the infant reaches the age of 2 years prior to the return journey they must pay the applicable fare, taxes, fees and charges for that part of the journey. Proof of age may be required so the infant's valid form of photo-ID should be available for inspection at check-in.
Max Air carries unaccompanied minors aged 5-12 years upon completion, signature and receipt of the necessary forms by parent or guardian.
Yes, special needs (e.g requests for wheelchairs) must be requested at the time of booking and no less than 24 hours before your flight’s departure. Please report to the airport at least 45 minutes before check-in closure time. Our staff will be happy to assist you.
You will be considered as a no show resulting in the cancellation of your reservation. In this case you have to contact an Max Air office in order to check if your reservation can be reinstated. The penalties and rules that apply will depend on the fare class you have booked.
Max Air check-in counters open 2 hours before departure for Domestic flights, 3 hours for Regional and 4 hours for International flights.

At check-in, please present your passport and ticket together with anything else you were asked at the time of booking to bring with you, such as your company ID card.

All passengers must have completed check-in for their Max Air flight prior to check-in closure which is 30 minutes (for Domestic Flights), 60 minutes (Regional Flights) and 60 minutes (for International Flights) before the scheduled departure time. Prompt closure of check-in at all airports is standard Max Air policy, to ensure our flights depart on time.

We adhere to this policy strictly. Please allow ample time for check-in completion.
You need a confirmed ticket bought from your travel agent, local Max Air office/airport or on the Max Air Website. Then go to the online check-in section of our website [link to manage flights] and select the online check in option, state your Flight Number, Departure Airport, Last Name and Booking reference. Then print and bring the Online Boarding Pass to your departure airport.
If you are traveling with bags, please report at the check in desk at least 30 minutes before check-in closure time to ensure a smooth processing experience.  Please note baggage drop-off must be completed before the check-in closure time, which is 30 minutes (for Domestic Flights), 60 minutes (Regional Flights) and 60 minutes (for International Flights)
We are required to check your Passport, identification and visa validity. So before approaching the Boarding Gate, please present yourself to the Security desk. Max Air carries out profiling at the Boarding gate.
We require you to show up at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before your flights departure. Passengers who do not show up will be removed from the flight. They will not be entitled to a refund if they fail to turn up to the Gate in time for Boarding and might also incur an additional penalty.
Yes Max Air may accept medical cases on board but any such requests should be made at the time of the reservation to allow appropriate instructions to be given by a Max Air staff member. This instruction will concern medical certification, any charges which may apply and any requirement for the guest to be accompanied.
Yes, laptops can be used onboard Max Air’s aircraft, but only once the aircraft have reached cruising altitude and then after obtaining permission from the cabin crew.
Smoking is prohibited on all Max Air services.  This includes the use of any electronic cigarettes or any other device which serves the same purpose and gives the impression of smoking.
It depends on the ticket’s restrictions. Please refer to the fare conditions that accompany your booking
Ticket: Can I get an e-ticket through the website?
Yes, your booking confirmation states the class of travel you are booked under.
You can access all the fares by going to our booking engine from our website homepage, or by clicking “Book a trip” on the homepage. Select the departure and destination cities from the booking section, select a date and click search. The fare calendar display will show all available fares for that period.
You cannot cancel your bookings online once it has been confirmed. However, you can call our reservations office (link to contact us section) or visit your local Max Air office for cancellations. Note that a penalty fee may be charged for cancellations.
You can reschedule your booking by contacting our reservations office or contacting your local Max Air office. Note that a penalty fee may be charged for rescheduling of flights
Yes, in Nigeria, you can pay by debit cards issued by all the banks on the InterSwitch and E-Tranzact network. These debit cards are identified by the InterSwitch or E-Tranzact logo on the right hand side on the reverse side of the card. In international markets, debit and credit cards may be used (excluding AMEX).
Please contact our staff at the airport on your travel date and they will be happy to print you another ticket. If you wish to verify your electronic ticket number or booking reference, you may contact any Max Air office and provide your name and flight details. We will then re-send your reference numbers to the original email address in the booking.
Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended travel.
Each individual country sets its regulations concerning passport requirements. Regulations are revised from time to time. Max Air therefore advises that before booking your flights you consult the relevant country’s immigration office. As a precaution, leave some blank pages in your passport.
We advise you to contact the embassy or consulate of the country of your final destination (and of your transit point, where applicable) as visa requirements are constantly being reviewed by authorities.
Book on Hold is a special booking process that allows you book for a flight on our website and hold it in our system whilst giving you the convenience of paying for the ticket later.
Book on hold allows you to make payment via your internet banking website, or by visiting any bank branch, or making payment on Quickteller enabled ATMs,, or any Max Air Ticketing Office. Please note, that international transfers are not permitted.
As soon as you make a booking on our website using the book on hold, we will send you an email providing you with assistance on what next to do. We will also provide you with important information and how to get your e-ticket.
Yes. Once you hold a booking in our system, depending on the time of your booking and the day of intended travel, we will automatically allocate a special Ticketing Time Limit which will also be communicated in the email sent to you. You should ensure that you pay for your ticket before this expiration, at which time the ticket will be automatically cancelled.
  1. Payment must be made before booking expiry time which is always in the local time of departure airport.
  2. Make sure you state the Customer Reference: this reference is always in 12 digits

  3. Ensure that the amount transferred exactly matches the currency and amount. confirmed for your tickets in the email sent to you.

  4. Payment must be made in one transfer/payment - multiple transfers or cheque payments are not permitted

  5. The sender pays all bank charges, checks the exchange rate with their bank, and ensures any differences are taken into account.
Once payment is made, please allow up to 1 hour to receive the e-ticket. If you do not receive the e-ticket within 1 hour please contact your local Max Air office and you may be required to provide a proof of payment.